Escrow Manager, Grand Rapids, MI

$50-$65k - Direct Hire

Our client, located in Grand Rapids, MI, has an immediate hiring need for a Mortgage Escrow Manager.

• Weekly monitoring of the tax and insurance next due list and communicate with team on necessary tasks.
• Monitoring the delinquent tax report issued by the tax service provider.
• Processing and monitoring of all insurance.
• Understand loan transaction history inquiry, including escrow disbursements.
• Verify and perform escrow setup and maintenance, escrow tracking and verification, disbursement, and escrow analysis reporting and tracking including the ability to perform a manual escrow analysis.
• Review, evaluate and process requests to eliminate escrow accounts including knowledge of investor guidelines on requirements.
• Print checks for authorized check requests, escrow refunds, and tax/insurance disbursements.
• Maintain relationships with third party vendors to ensure accuracy of tax and insurance data.
• Consistent monitoring of loans with flood insurance.

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