Press Brake Operator

$19-$24 per hour (1st and 2nd shifts)

Our client, located in Mason, Ohio has immediate hiring needs for Press Brake Operators on 1st and 2nd shifts.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Properly and safely operates CNC power brake press.
  • Works with press programmer to improve setups and processing of materials.
  • Sets stops on machine bed, changes dies, and adjusts components, such as ram or power press, when making multiple or successive passes.
  • Plans sequence of operations, applying knowledge of physical properties of the metal.
  • Inspects workpiece for defects.
  • Measures work piece and verifies dimensions, using micrometer, gauge, straight edge, scale and protractor.
  • Selects and positions flat, block, radius, or special purpose die sets into ram and bed of machine, using hoist, crane, measuring instruments and hand tools.
  • Completes daily work load requirements.
  • Maintains the machinery and keep the work area clean and orderly.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Ability to read and understand mechanical blueprints.
  • Ability to use measure tools including protractor, calipers and tape measure.
  • Possesses a strong attention to detail. Press brakes are precision equipment and being off by millimeters could create a critical error.
  • Has strong mechanical and technical skills. Machines controlled by computers will need operators who understand technology.

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